Thursday, June 10, 2010

Extremely Important - Stop Obama's EPA From Regulating CO2 (UPDATED)

You know, that stuff that you and the rest of the animal kingdom exhale and that plants take it in order to survive (and provide the rest of us with food).

Or if that doesn't do it for you, think of what life is going to be like with the much higher electricity bills Obama has promised us if the EPA wrestles regulation of CO2 away from Congress.

Via Pundette at Potluck: "Read this post by Iain Murray and do what he tells you. It’s super easy with this 'handy-dandy message generator.'"

Spread the word, please.

Addendum: If you are worried about CO2 in the environment, remember this: CO2 levels in the atmosphere are at an historically low level.  At today's CO2 levels, the dinosaurs that once roamed the planet would die of starvation because today's CO2 levels are too low to support the rapid growth of plant life those big guys needed to survive. If CO2 levels were higher today, food would be much more plentiful.

UPDATE via Pundette at Potluck:From MIchelle Malkin:
4:30pm Eastern. The Murkowski resolution to stop the EPA power grab failed on a 47-53 vote.

The 6 Dems who voted with Rs to try and head off the eco-usurpation…

Landrieu, Lincoln, B. Nelson, M. Pryor, Bayh, Rockefeller.

Remember in November.

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