Thursday, June 17, 2010

Obama Has Decided to Sue Arizona, Hillary Tells Ecuadorians (UPDATE: DOJ Confirms Clinton's Statement)

Another page has been written in the Obama administration's ongoing saga of You-Can't-Make-This-Stuff-Up.

On June 8, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on Ecuadorian TV (out of Quito, Ecuador) that Obama is planning to sue Arizona over their popular illegal immigration law, which mirrors federal law and which goes into effect on July 29. According to the results of a Washington Post/ABC poll, 58% of Americans support the law. Video from The Right Scoop:

Clinton said:
President Obama has spoken out against the law because he thinks that the federal government should be determining immigration policy. And the Justice Department, under his direction, will be bringing a lawsuit against the act.
It could be that Clinton made this announcement to Ecuadorians under the assumption that all non-comatose Americans already know that Obama would have no problem suing American citizens on behalf of illegal aliens. After all, it could hardly be more obvious that Obama places higher value on the opinions of Central and South Americans than on the people of the good old U.S.A.

Or it could be that the Obama administration thinks Americans should be the last to know: less fuss that way.

There is also a possibility that Clinton was lying to the people of Ecuador and whatever neighbors of Ecuador watch Ecuadorian television.

The Justice Department isn't offering any illumination, to Americans in particular. The DOJ's view is that "the department continues to review the law." Nobody's telling Arizona what's going on either. Two weeks ago, Obama told Arizona governor Jan Brewer that he'd let her know in two weeks what the federal government was going to do to help Arizona in their plight. Tonight, Governor Brewer noted that those two weeks have expired, but she still hasn't heard from Obama.

Of course not. If she wants Obama's cooperation, Governor Brewer will have better luck if she joins La Rasa. However, if she continues to stand up for her fellow Arizonans, she'll just have to wait until word about the future of her state drifts in from Ecuador.

UPDATE via Michelle Malkin. The DOJ has admitted that it is building its case against Arizona. Obama will be hauling Arizona into court for writing a law that challenges what he regards as his right to ignore longstanding federal law legislated by Congress.



  1. I'm just glad she is not trying to solve the oil spill. The last thing the gulf needs is her great leadership.

  2. Trestin: Hillary has made some pretty stupid statements on behalf of Obama's "foreign policy" in the last year and a half, statements that don't match with her previous political savvy and experience. I have never been a fan of hers, but I can't help but notice that she has permitted her alignment with Obama to cast her in the worst possible light. It makes me wonder why she does so.