Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Night Pushback I

I'm don't like being pushed around, and I don't like seeing other people being pushed around either. I especially don't like to see bullies attempting to silence the messages of generous people peacefully expressing their observations in creative ways. Just call me your average American.

Over the last few days, certain Internet bullies have been blatantly working to suppress the freedom of speech of others. As long as these bullies continue to silence and minimize honest, peaceful messages, I'll do my little bit to amplify and maximize those messages. I hope you will do the same.

I. We Con the World.

Somebody at Google doesn't like this pro-Israel parody and pulled it from youtube. I posted "We Con the World" before, and I will post it again, and I will keep posting it until Google gets tired of playing dhimmi.  (You might try using Bing. I think you'll like it.)

Hat tip: Backyard Conservative.
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  1. I agree. These companies which are infringing (or trying to)on our free speech must stop. This is America and we have the Constitution which is supposed to protect citizens' inalienable rights and they may not be taken away from us by any corporation or any government. Thanks for reposting this wonderful pro-Israel video.

  2. About a year ago I became weary of Google's unending leftie foolishness. I resolved to use them as little as possible. There are plenty of other effective search engines. And I see no reason why I should out of laziness inflate their stats and enable them in their unprincipled practices. If most conservatives did this they might feel some economic motivation to develop a fairer and more open minded site.