Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memo to the Left: David Petraeus is No Longer General Betray Us (Times Ad Here)

Teh Won says so.
But many of us remember this full-page ad published in the New York Times in September 2007 by

Back then, NPR reported:
On Capitol Hill, Republicans called for an official condemnation of the Petraeus ad. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas sponsored the Senate resolution.
The resolution passed 72-25.

Hillary Clinton voted against the resolution.

Senators Barack Obama of Illinois and Joseph Biden of Delaware didn't vote at all. 

That was some vote of confidence.

UPDATE:  The Petraeus ad was scrubbed today. But not before I downloaded it. If is so anxious for people not to read it, I think it's my patriotic duty to make sure that they can.

Here it is. To read the fine print, click on it and then use your zoom command to zoom in.

Weasel Zippers also has the screen shot of the "General Betray Us" Web page, explaining their "thinking" behind the ad.


  1. The General Petraeus is all for repealing the Don't ask - don't tell regulation in the Military.
    Humm, I wonder, is it timing-or a chess move? Ask Dr. Savage/Savage Nation, On his radio show today.