Friday, June 18, 2010

Just How Much Can the Feds Sabotage Efforts to Save the Gulf?

First Obama rejects the offers of at least 13 nations to send oil-skimming and other equipment to keep oil from killing U.S. marshlands, wildlife, beaches, and jobs, not to mention damaging the health of human beings, and when the people of Louisiana assemble smaller barges with oil-sucking vacuums to prevent some of the damage, the Coast Guard shuts those barges down.

Folks are blaming these travesties on bureaucracy, which is an old story that keeps people feeling helpless and makes those in charge look like bumbling fools, but effective leaders are able to cut through bureaucracy, when they want to, that is. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't golf-pro wannabe Barack Hussein Obama the Coast Guard's commander in chief? Isn't he the fellow that keeps telling the American people just what he "won't tolerate"?

He's mighty tolerant of the suffering of American people. If we suffer enough, Obama seems to think, if we feel helpless enough, if we think our local institutions are staffed by people who are just bumbling fools, we'll step right up for Cap'n Tax and that $7 a gallon gasoline he's got planned for us. Or maybe we'll be too exhausted and broken-hearted from trying to keep our lives together in a never-ending storm of disasters and assaults on our economic well-being to notice a Democrat-majority lame duck Congress passing Cap'n Tax over our objections after we vote the #@&%@!'s out of office in November.

Addendum (6/19/10) courtesy Trestin Meacham: " I just want to remind everyone that the Coast Guard is not part of the Navy. It is not even part of the Department of Defense. It fits under the umbrella of Homeland Security, so, this is Big Sis and her people."


  1. I think that Bureaucracy is half the problem and utter incompetence on the part of Obama is the second half of the problem. The poor governors are trying to do anything and evrything possible to stop the effects of the spill while other people are too busy taking part in concerts and ballgames.

  2. Teresa: This country is full of competent people to whom Obama could delegate the responsibility of cutting through the red tape, and the governors are among many trying to step up to plate.

  3. I am trying to believe they are not doing this on purpose, but I just can not see them being this dumb.