Monday, June 7, 2010

Gulf Misery: One Hand Washes the Other, or Else?

Thought I'd pass along this insight from There's my Two Cents:
So, seeing as it’s been clear all along to the White House that we had an ecological disaster on our hands: why did the President not act in a timely fashion to try to keep the oil off of the beaches in the five Gulf of Mexico states?
State               Governor              Party          Election Year?    Note 
Alabama          Bob Riley            Republican           Yes               Open race
Florida             Charlie Crist        Independent         Yes              Former GOP
Louisiana         Bobby Jindal       Republican            No               GOP leader 
Mississippi       Haley Barbour     Republican            No               RGA head
Texas                Rick Perry          Republican           Yes               Re-election
Gee, I don’t have the slightest idea.

Obama's political bummer machine undoubtedly is in high gear working out ways to spin this Gulf disaster to their advantage, and much of their hoped-for gain will involve the so-called "green" shakedowns they've been planning since before Fannie Mae got involved in the carbon-credit racket. Environmentalists will play ball with this administration for whatever they can get, I'm thinking, but they have stopped swooning over Obama: for many, his obvious lack of any investment of the heart tells the tale.


  1. It's too bad that so many people simply can't fight based on a principle anymore; they have to have their own pet issue fall into the crosshairs. While it's great for greenies to wake up to Obama's environmental insensitivity now, it would have been better for them to do it a year and a half ago, in which case much of this damage might not have happened in the first place. Sadly, too many people will never wake up to the fact that precedents are being set all the time, and once they are it's doubly hard to roll them back. I guess that's what happens when we let liberals run our education system, too...

  2. More to the point, QR, these are also the states, with only one exception, that filed the original suit against the federal government over health care reform.

    The original fourteen are: "Attorneys general from South Carolina , Nebraska, Texas , Utah, Louisiana , Alabama, Michigan , Colorado, Pennsylvania , Washington, Idaho and South Dakota joined Florida in the suit."

    Mississippi has said all along it intended to join and finally did last month.

    Anyone who's been watching this petty, petulant, partisan little man wouldn't put it past him to hold a grudge and to take out his vengeance on the people of these states for daring to question, nay challenge, the One.

  3. I never even thought about this, but it makes sense. I guess there is a price to pay when you cross the emperor.

  4. People will wake up and see all the little coincidences.

  5. Neither Jimmy Hoffa nor Al Capone could hold a candle to President BO. Talk about fraud and corruption!

  6. 2cents - We need to have idealists around reminding us that we can always make improvements, but we should never let them be in charge. Reality is too stern a master.

  7. Fuzzy - I never connected those dots! Have you posted on this?

    Trestin - Emperor is the polite term. It's one thing to make one's political opponents squirm, but quite another to willfully extend the suffering of your own people and to act without pity for the natural life of the Gulf and its shores.

    VL - I think you are right. As long as people aren't challenged, they are happy to move along with their daily lives. But when things start seeming incomprehensible, they start asking questions to figure out what is going on.

    Joe - Hoffa and Capone never read Alinsky!

  8. No, you go ahead and post on it, QR. With all the horrors happening at once, I wouldn't have seen it if you had posted this. :)

  9. Fuzi - First rule of writing. Write what you know. I think you should post on this . . .